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What Parents are saying

My son loves school! I'm so happy he had Mrs. Jen as his first teacher, he learned so much and is ready for kindergarten! 

                                          H. Ayers

Jen is an amazing teacher and has done so much for my little one! Since my daughter has been going her vocabulary has exploded! She loves all the arts and crafts she gets to do and she is learning something new everyday. I really appreciate all the work Jen does in helping children foster their first friendships and learn social skills like sharing - a difficult subject for my only child. Jen always strives to provide something new and fun, such as having the community librarian visit for story time or a sign language teacher come to teach for the day - my daughter came home one day singing a new song while signing! Highly recommend for families looking for a welcoming learning environment for their littles. 

Kayla J.

I have known Miss Jen a long time. We went to school together and have kept in contact through the years. Miss Jen has always been an amazing person. Always positive, helpful, warm and eager to help people. My son will be 3 in March and has been enrolled with Miss Jen since the end of November. I mainly enrolled him since he is an only child and I wanted him to be socializing with other kids his age as well as having some more structure/learning involved. Jen is amazing with the kids. My son is always happy to go to school and is very proud of all his art projects he comes home with. I love that I can see my son grow as an individual and develop new skills in such a short amount of time. My husband and I have been very happy with our decision enrolling Beau with First Beginnings Preschool. My mom picks up my son twice a week from school and is also witness to her caring and kind heart with all the kids. 

 T. Larson

Play-based preschool with a loving, encouraging teacher. My son has thrived in his class here, and has learned so much, including in social-emotional areas. We will miss this school next year, when my son moves on to kindergarten! ~Jenn A.

My daughter loves going to preschool and when it’s been a long weekend she asks when we can go to preschool again. Miss Jen is so loving and encouraging. My daughter is thriving and having fun, and will be ready to start kindergarten in the fall. I love how Miss Jen encourages her strengths and celebrates with her as she learns new things. I highly recommend First Beginnings preschool.

                                           K. Feist

Jen is the best! She is so patient and loving to everyone she meets. The children all adore her and they have fun without knowing they are learning. I highly recommend her preschool! ~ Britta B.

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