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Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten Readiness is on every parent's mind almost from the time they bring their child home from the hospital. Luckily there is a few guidelines to help you. 

Social and Emotional Skills

~Child can follow 2-3 step directions

~Child can calm themselves when upset

~Child can share, take turns, and help others

~Child can put on his/her own coat

~Child can put on their shoes independently

~Child can go to bathroom independently

~Child can wash hands

~Child can describe their feelings (happy, sad, mad)


Literacy Skills: 

~Child can identify & name 10-20 upper & lower case letters.

~Child can identify correct sounds for 10-20 letters

~Child can say the alphabet

~Child can write his/her name and identify the letters.

~Child reads with an adult or listens to a story daily. 

~Child knows if words start with the same beginning sound (i.e. cat, cake) 

Math Skills:

~Child can identify numbers 1-10

~Child knows common shapes (triangle, square, circle, heart etc.)

~Child can count in order number 1-20

~Child can match and sort different shapes

Physical Skills: 

~Child can hold a pencil correctly

~Child can cut with scissors safely

~Child can button, zip, snap clothing

~Child can run, jump, and hop

~Child can kick a ball

Personal Identification Skills:

~Child knows their first and last name

~Child knows their parents names

~Child knows their address and phone number

~Child knows their birthday and age

These are just a FEW general guidelines. For more detailed information regarding kindergarten registration, click on your child's school district!