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Our Programs

Beginners Class 



Ages 3-4

 Monday, Wednesday & Friday  9:00am -11:30am

Our preschool class is a play based program with academics woven through in a way that children are learning skills they need to prepare for pre-k class while playing and having fun! Our preschool program focuses on continuing learning routines, social skills, communication, letter identification and sounds, numbers, shapes, colors, name recognition, beginning literacy, and math skills through a variety of different avenues such as games, songs, science activities, field trips, dramatic play, outdoor play and more.

The students learn through a variety of different themes which allows for children to learn together on the same subject but meeting each child at their own individual developmental level.   

Students are not required to be potty trained.  

Pre-K Class


Ages 2.5-3.5
Tuesdays  and Thursdays 9:00am -11:15 am

This is the perfect introduction to preschool for young students who are experiencing their first time in a setting without parents, and with other children outside of family.

Through a small class size and a positive, nurturing, and welcoming environment, students will begin to learn routine, social skills, and communication, while gaining self-confidence and independence. Many first friendships are formed in this class.

The students spend their day learning through play and through a variety of fun themes and activities, including dramatic play, stories, coloring, art projects, songs, circle time, science & sensory activities, outdoor play, and even field trips!

This program prepares the students for the next level of preschool we offer. One of the unique features of this program is that students are not required to be potty trained! 


Preschool Class


Ages 4-5

 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday


Our Pre-K program is designed to prepare children with the kindergarten readiness skills they need to be successful.  Students continue  developing and fine tuning their  social and emotional skills, problem solving skill, responsibility, time management, age appropriate attention span, independence, and academics such as: reading & writing their first and last name, following 3 part directions, number recognition, writing, and counting, recognizing upper case & lower case letters, understanding that letters make sounds, and that together letters make words, phonemic awareness, rhyming, writing letters from top to bottom, and left to right, and much more. These academic concepts are woven in through creative play, theme based learning, centers, outdoor play, field trips, art, music, science, journals, fun activities, stories, and other avenues. Upon graduation from  First Beginnings Preschool our students are  well prepared, independent, self confident, students, ready to take on kindergarten!  

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