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Kinder Support 







Kindergarten Readiness Tutoring 

Offered both in person or online, each session is tailored to your child's strengths and specific needs using a variety of different learning methods and styles.

The goal is for your child to obtain the necessary skills and self confidence needed to succeed in kindergarten in a fun and accepting learning environment with the one on one attention they need. 



Students who would benefit from tutoring include but are not limited to:

  • students who would like to be better prepared for  kindergarten

  • students who are struggling in one or more concepts

  • students who can benefit from one on one instruction

  • students who need a "refresher" before starting kindergarten

  • students whose parents are concerned if they are doing enough things academically at home.

  • students whose parents would like them to have them review skills over summer to avoid regression

  • students who have a hard time being willing to practice with parents

  • students who lack motivation or confidence

  • students who just need a little extra help

If you think your child could benefit from any of these programs please click below and send us a message:


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